Posted on May 3, 2019 9:00 AM by Safety / NHW
Did you know that most thefts are committed by amateurs, often teens, who can easily be stopped with a few sensible precautions.? Check out some simple, common-sense advice from the SWM Safety / Neighborhood Watch Committee.
  • Park all vehicles in your garage and/or driveway. Cars on the road present an easier target for break-ins. As an added bonus, you won't run afoul of our covenants which do not permit street parking.
  • Make sure your windows are closed and your vehicle is locked. Use the key to lock your vehicle, making sure that you take it with you and do not hide a key on your vehicle.
  • Keep your garage closed when you are not entering or exiting your home.
  • Remove all valuables from your car, this includes pull-out stereo face plates, car phones/chargers and do not leave even a small amount of change in view, it’s an offer a desperate thief can’t refuse.
  • Invest in a good alarm system and use it. Seeing a car alarm will deter most burglars and encourage them to seek easier targets.
  • Do not leave your windows open, even a crack, in hot weather. There are certain burglar tools that take advantage of this practice. Instead, use an inexpensive sun shade for your front window.
  • Thieves take advantage of unlighted areas. Quickly replace bulbs outside your home and report street lights outages to Georgia Power or Greystone Power.
  • Participate in your community “Neighborhood Watch” program. Report suspicious activity and try to give an accurate description of persons or vehicles involved.
Posted on Apr 20, 2019 8:25 PM by Amber Augustus
It’s that time of year and the Communications Committee wants to hear about the 2019 high school graduates in your homes! We are considering acknowledging graduates by name on a banner located at the entrances to the neighborhood, but we need to receive enough interest to execute this plan. Please contact us with information about your graduates - in the "Send to" field select "HOA Operations". Include the following in the message: Your First and Last name, Address, Graduate First and Last name, grade, name of school, honors and college selected (if applicable). The deadline is May 4, 2019.
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