From left (adults): Nakesha Williams, Amber Augustus, Sharon Johnson, Tiffanie Nelson, Cheryl Wooten (Not pictured: Khiya Townsend, Kathleen Williams)

Wel-Comm Committee

Wel-Comm Committee
Committee Purpose: The Wel-Comm Committee encompassing traditional aspects of Welcome and Communications committees. Accordingly, it is responsible for the HOA Board of Directors communications to the residents of Stonewall Manor, general information announcements, publishing of periodic newsletters, and oversight of the community’s social media properties. The committee also engages in activities to ensure that new and established residents feel welcomed and involved with the neighborhood.
Communications Functions
  • Newsletter – responsible for gathering information of community interest, publishing and distributing a neighborhood newsletter at regular intervals which has been reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors.
  • Posting signs to serve as reminders of special events or important notices, other than Social Committee events, would be assigned to this sub-committee. 
  • HOA Website development and maintenance - oversees the development of the SWM web-site to communicate with the residents and others about our neighborhood.
  • Social Media development and maintenance -- responsible for collecting pictures and video content of community events and activities to be shared on any number of social media outlets (including Instagram, NextDoor, Twitter, etc).
Welcoming Functions
  • Responds to a request to deliver welcome and greetings to all new residents on behalf of the Association. Information provided includes at least a community resident Information Directory, information about schools, HOA committee activities and upcoming events. A small welcome gift is also presented, as determined annually by the committee.
  • Make contact with new residents as soon as they move into their home to secure their name, telephone number and e-mail address. This information is immediately updated in the HOA website.
  • Host Meet & Greet events throughout the year to orient new homeowners to the community, provide an opportunity to meet neighbors, and explain how the HOA works.
  • Develop and execute communications to established residents which fall under the ‘welcoming’ umbrella, such as recognition of home purchase anniversary or other personal achievements.
  • Coordinate with the Social Committee to select holiday decor to beautify the neighborhood.