From left (front): Dr. Patricia Wilson, Dr. Michelle Guilford, Kharim Barnett - From left (back) Todd Richardson, Jay Link, Greg Murray (Not pictured: Joy Moore, Carlos Myers)

Architectural Review Control

The ARC's overall purpose is to maintain the aesthetic integrity of the community according to the CCRE's Article 7 under which all SWM homeowners adhere to. This is accomplished in two ways. The first is through community inspections (typically performed by a third party vendor) and supervised by the ARC. The second is the review by the committee of all architectural/property changes which the bylaws describe as requiring approval.
  • Enforce (or cause to be enforced via third party) the restrictions set forth in the CC&R document as well as any additional rules and regulations adopted by majority of the Association’s BOD.
  • Receive, review, approve or reject homeowner requests and plans for construction, reconstruction, remodeling, alteration, roofing or addition to any structure, building, fence, wall, drive or walkway, or exterior color change upon any lot. 
  • Stop any construction in violation of the restrictions in the CC&R document (in conjunction with management company).
  • Make notice to the BOD of any construction that violates the restrictions.
  • Enforce building line requirements, easements and building requirements. 
  • Enforce restrictions on the use of outbuildings and similar structures, animals and pets, signs, nuisances, and garbage cans. 
  • Work to educate homeowners of the importance of complying with the restrictions.
The ARC also oversees programs related to the appearance of homes, such as Yard of the Month. If you would like to submit a request, get started here