The pool and clubhouse are at the heart of the community. Generally, all members of this committee support the activities of both the pool and clubhouse while providing feedback and recommendations on the landscaping surrounding the clubhouse/recreation areas.
This committee is charged with collecting ideas and making recommendations to the BOD to keep the pool safe, enjoyable, and cost effective. Some activities of this committee include pool rules, pool management reviews, and vendor suggestions. This committee also reviews and offers suggestions regarding the pool maintenance contract and obtains quotes and a schedule of needed pool repairs.
The committee will take suggestions from the community and make recommendations to the BOD regarding the maintenance, appearance, and use of the clubhouse. They will also receive rental requests and approve or disprove of usage based on policies as set forth by this committee. Annually, they will review the pricing structure and recommend changes based on feedback from residents. This committee also reviews and offers suggestions regarding repairs to the clubhouse and playground area.