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This is a very large neighborhood. If you see something, say something. Many issues can be handled with a simple conversation between neighbors. In the case of suspected criminal activity, call the police ASAP. If you see something amiss (like a light out) or someone violating covenants, report it here so that issues can be addressed.

Here are a few friendly reminders to keep everyone in compliance with our HOA rules:
  • Leasing: To avoid heavy fines, make sure to review our covenants and the leasing permit application before you begin renting. Both can be found under Documents on the website. Any homeowner leasing must complete a leasing permit application and continue submitting at the conclusion of the lease permit and/or any time the tenant changes.
  • Change Requests: Any changes to the outside of your home (paint color, door or window updates, etc) must be submitted to the ARC for approval - it's a pretty simple process, just email the board and the form will be sent to you via DocuSign. If you do not obtain pre-approval and make a change that is determined to be non-confirming, you will face significant fees plus the costs of any changes to get into compliance.
  • Trash Cans: Should not be put out before 5pm the evening before trash pickup, and should be pulled in before you turn in for the night after trash is picked up. Additionally, be sure to store them so that they are not visible from the street. 
  • Street Parking: With the holidays, remain mindful of the restrictions on street parking in the community. This includes no overnight street parking, and no parking that obstructs the flow of traffic. You must contact the board if you are seeking an exception for special occasions. Failure to do so will result in fines and in some cases, towing.
  • Lawns: Time to rake up those leaves! This is also a great time to start fertilizing your lawns and trimming trees. 
  • Pet Supervision: When walking your dog remember they must be on leash in the neighborhood. Also remember to pickup any dog poop (we have doggie bags throughout the community for this) and dispose at your home.
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Hello neighbors,

In case you missed it, we had great turnout for “Jazz Night by the Pool” featuring Rod Harris, Jr.  Everyone had their baskets, bottles, and enjoyed reconnecting under the stars for an evening. Check out the pictures here.

We are rounding out items for the year and preparing the 2022 budget. The board would like to hear from you!  Please take a second to complete a brief survey to let us know your thoughts and ideas on projects to tackle. Check your inbox for a link to the survey.

One final note - There is a regular board meeting on October 2, 2021 at 11am in the clubhouse/veranda area. 
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No Sauce Smokehouse BBQ Atlanta and Chay J's brought people out in full force, with both food trucks (dinner and sweets) selling out well before 8pm. If you've noticed the trend, we've now had two Food Truck Fridays and you DEFINITELY need to try to make it down before 7pm to get some food. See the pics below of people out and about getting food and at the pool from yesterday's event.
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If you're tired of the same old rotation for takeout dinner, this summer Stonewall Manor will be bringing some of the most popular food spots to YOU with Food Truck Fridays.
This Friday, we've got Bankhead Seafood setting up shop in the Clubhouse parking lot from 4pm to 7pm. Bring your appetite and get ready to hang with your neighbors for an evening of food and community. 
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Improvements in Stonewall Manor

We've had vendors hard at work in the neighborhood this year making some long overdue improvements to the community. 

Swimming Pool
If you visit the pool this summer you might notice that it looks a little different. It has needed some TLC for a few years now and we finally had the resources to get this taken care of. Earlier this year the pool was completely drained and re-surfaced. We also replaced the old tile border to give it a more modern look. You'll have a chance to enjoy the new pool when we re-open on May 31.
Entrance Signage
The Union Road entrance now has one sign that mirrors the look and feel of the two signs at the Stonewall Tell entrance. We've also replaced the crumbling name plate in one Stonewall Tell sign, and will soon be replacing the other sign as well. 
Round-about improvements
Be on the lookout for some exciting improvements to our roundabouts. We've heard from many of you on this and are looking at ways to make our shared spaces more inviting. Stay tuned!

Entrance Landscaping
You probably noticed the new flower beds at both entrances - we'll also be installing new sod as things warm up this summer.
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