We get some questions pretty regularly. Here you'll find answers to those common questions.

  • How much are HOA dues?
    A payment schedule may be arranged if you contact the HOA Board of Directors at hoaboard@stonewallmanorhoa.com prior to January 19, 2020. Late fees will be applied on February 1, 2020.
  • What do my HOA dues pay for?
    Annual homeowner dues are $568 for all homeowners in Stonewall Manor, and are due on January 15 of each year.
    • Dues invoices will be emailed to homeowners around December 15 of each year (to those who have previously provided email addresses). For all others, hard copies will be mailed at this time.
    The dues are assessed to fund the necessary expenses incurred to maintain our community. These expenses include, but are not limited to, the following:
    • Liability insurance on all common areas
    • Lake Cleaning and Maintenance
    • Electricity at Streetlights, Water for Landscaping
    • Clubhouse Security Systems
    • Lawn Care and Upkeep in Common Areas
    • Seasonal Landscaping
    • Web site Development and Upkeep
    • General Community Developments and Expenses
    • Representative and accounting function
    • Updates and Improvements of Common Areas (clubhouse, pool, tennis and basketball courts)
  • How do I pay my dues?
    You can pay your dues by:
    • Check: Making a check payable to Stonewall Manor HOA. Mail to 4363 Bellwood Cir, Atlanta, GA 30349 or make an appointment during Clubhouse Hours (check the calendar) to bring it to a board member.
    • Online: All homeowners can manage their accounts and make payments online. When you login, click on your profile (top right hand corner of the website). If you have an account balance it will be reflected at the top of your profile. Click on the link right below your balance to make payment. All homeowners will receive an invoice in December for the following year's dues. You can pay via credit card (2.8% fee) or ACH (1% fee).
  • How do I get login credentials?
    Established Homeowners (prior to 2019) 
    All homeowners who lived here prior to 2019 were transferred over to this website when it launched in April. To login, click on the "Login" link at the top right of the page. Using the email you provided to the HOA (where you receive newsletters, etc) select the "Forgot Password" option. Once you create a new password you can login and access your account.
    New Homeowners
    If you are a new homeowner (moved in or after 2019) you can send us a message or click the "Register" link at the top right corner of the page. Provide your address and other details about your household. Someone from our Communications committee will reach out with your login information once your request is approved by the board. *If you've already paid dues for the year, send us a message so that we can give access to your account without requiring payment.
    Leasing a home in the neighborhood? Your homeowner already has an account but you can register to see what's going on in the community. Click the "Register" link at the top right corner of the page. Select "Lessee" as the membership type. Provide your address and other details about your household. Someone from our Communications committee will reach out with your login information once your request is approved by the board.
  • Can my spouse, partner, or children get access to the website?
    Yes, but please don't have them establish a separate account. When you login to the primary account (again, attached to the email address and individual on file with the HOA) and go to your profile, you will see a section that states "Your Level 2 Members" and "Your Level 3 Members". Beneath each sentence you will see a link to "add" people under either of these member levels. This is where you add a spouse, partner, child, etc (other individuals in the home) to access the account. Level 2 members have the same access as level 1. Level 3 has limited access. Provide their name and email address and they will be able to login to the site. 
  • I want to make changes to the outside of my home - do I need approval?
    Yes. We have an Architectural Review Committee and one of their functions is to make sure that things are done in a way that insures consistency throughout the neighborhood. Any changes such as fencing, structures, paint colors, etc. need to be approved. You can submit your plans to them for review and they will get back to you with any feedback throughout the process. You can view the ARC review request form on the "Documents" page.
  • Can I rent the clubhouse?
    The Stonewall Manor Clubhouse is available for rent. Go to "Reservations" in the Members section of the website to submit your request. If you'd like to review the Clubhouse Rental Agreement first, it can be found under "Documents" in the Member section of the website. You can click here to complete it online.
  • How can I find out what the board is working on?
    We are glad that you want to be involved. There are several ways to stay on top of what's going on in the community. The website has a blog which is a quick way for the board to get messages out. There's a quarterly newsletter to highlight important updates and events in the neighborhood. If you want to get more hand's on, we welcome you to attend a board or committee meeting. All meetings are on the website calendar and held at the clubhouse. All board meetings have a public comment segment of the meeting to receive feedback hear concerns from the community.
  • When does the pool open?
    The pool generally opens between the third and last weeks of May. This year (2020) the pool opening was delayed until June 30 due to state mandated closures related to COVID-19. The pool is opening with new guidelines in light of guidance from the CDC and Department of Health - please review the announcements in our summer newsletter for more information.
  • How do I get my pool fob?
    The security system at the pool and clubhouse has been updated for 2019 so all homeowners who are current on their dues will need to get registered and receive a new fob for all amenities, including the pool. 
    Dates to pickup fobs
    • May 18, 2019 from 3pm to 5pm (during the BBQ & Pool Party)
    • May 21 from 6pm to 7pm
    • May 29 from 6pm to 7pm
    • May 30 from 6:30pm to 8pm
    • June 1 from 9am to 11am
    If you can't make it on any of these designated dates, check the calendar for postings labeled "Clubhouse Hours" - these are times designated to have a representative at the clubhouse to address all homeowner inquiries, including fob pickup, dues payment, etc. You will need your legal photo ID and a copy of your settlement letter if your ID is not yet updated with your address in the community. 
    Fobs will not be mailed under any circumstances. A fob shall only be issued in person, to the Property Owner, his/her Agent or the recorded renter (with Property Owner's permission). 
  • I rent a home in the community - will you give me a fob to use the amenities?
    Fobs are released to the homeowner of record or their agent. The homeowner you are leasing from must be current on HOA dues and leasing in full compliance with Governing Documents. It is the homeowner's responsibility to:
    1. Contact the HOA to register renters, AND
    2. Give a fob to their renters or authorize release of a fob to any renters.
    The HOA can not release a fob without these conditions being met, so please reach out to the individual or corporation you are renting from with any questions.
  • How can I replace a lost fob or get additional fobs?
    Once verified you will be assigned one fob. Each household receives one complimentary fob; additional fobs or replacements for lost fobs will cost $25. Each household is limited to no more than 3 active fobs.
  • Where can I find meeting minutes?
    Meeting minutes and other important documents such as resolutions and policies can be found in the Documents page in the members only section of the website. You must be logged in to view these documents.
  • What does my account balance include?
    Account balances reflect any current assessments owed. Beginning in February 2020 you will also be able to view and pay any fines you may have received for covenant violations.
  • How do I register for events on the website?
    Major events populate on the website calendar. For example, right now the Cookout & Pool Party is listed on May 18, 2019. When you click on it, you will be directed to the registration page. Go through the process, include the number of attendees, and complete your registration. If an event requires payment, you will be able to make payment online as well while registering.
  • How can I get involved?
    We have six committees and would love to have you as a volunteer. The Clubhouse and Pool committee could use a few more people to help out during pool season. For descriptions on all the committees, check the drop-down options under "Our Team".
    There are other ways to be involved - you can come to a regular board meeting, stop by a committee meeting, or volunteer as time permits on events and tasks.
  • How do I report a violation of the covenants?
    As homeowners, we all have to work together to protect property values in the community. If you see a violation of any kind, whether it be aesthetic, street parking, or a trash can left out overnight, please let us know. You can send us a message or call us at (404) 682-1899. For parking violations, select the option for Neighborhood Watch. For violations related to the appearance of the home or other covenants, select the option for the ARC (Architectural Review Committee).